Saturday, October 25, 2008

Making Money on Internet

The internet is unbelievable as a business environment for work at home. The whole Google Adsense and Adwords thing, with Pay-per-click and what not…well all of this is making people very rich. Okay, not everyone. But you can generate a substantial second income from this. Put in more time, and you can definitely quit your day job (if you have one…no assumptions here). To be honest, it isn’t that complicated. It takes a little work to get started but, once you can grasp the concepts, you are set. To this end…I have gone through a large number of internet sites that have information on this. There are a few resources that I believe are worthy of your time. I’ll say why below.The marketing on most schemes out there is truly atrocious. Some people will be put off by it; the other group will fall for it. I am going to try to go beyond that. It can be hard to see beyond what is staring you blindly in the face (usually in great big red letters). Claims of millions and, nowadays, Paypal account statements with large transfers shown. Basically, these people are trying to sell their products. They have read their own manuals. They know about marketing, about raising hopes in people and about presenting "evidence" of the merits of their products. They exaggerate in some instances; leave out bits that have to do with your own actions. Everybody seems to do this online; however, some of these resources do have real merit, which is why I mention them here.In my experience, it’s the little things that make a difference. You might have everything done properly, but if your introduction is missing the right punch, then you don’t get any sales. The details are important. They can be, and are usually the difference between getting a lot of money and not getting a lot of money. I feel like it’s those that cover these fine points that are the ones you want."I am better than you, I am a jerk etc, etc" one proclaims on his website. You can see the angle he’s going for here. It works though. He’s even had an infomercial done. This means people are buying his product. This must mean that his tips work…at least for some people. That’s really all that matters. This one is guide to basically every effective way of making money online, like a lot of others. What makes it really good is that he cuts out a lot of fluff and lays it down like it is. There are loads of people who are trying this stuff out. They like to talk about their experiences. This means you can see where mistakes have been made and where progress has been made. That’s value. People can repeatedly come back for help and advice. Not too many schemes have something like that in place.The people factor is really important. This sort of thing has been around long enough for others to have tried it. Find out what it’s been like for them. Get a second opinion. It might not clear up all your doubts, but it will certainly eliminate some bad choices.That brings us to the main point. It really is down to you to follow through. Whichever one you go for, it could take some time for you to start to see real results. You have to have the drive and fortitude to see it to the end. The investment is not too great, particularly in the context of the potential rewards. How brave are you?There’s a lot of stuff on making money on the internet. You have to be careful. Most people are just looking to make a buck, but if you can just sift out the dodgy ones, there really is a lot to be gained from the right sources.

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David James said...

Excellent article! I can't tell you how much rubbish there is out there and how much I spent until I finally found a tutorial that actually helped me. Good e books and courses are out there, but it usually requires having to weed out some of the duds too.

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